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Latest question: Is taking a daily low-dose aspirin good for my heart?​​

New questions and answers will ​​be added on a regular basis.

​Below are questions concerning adults, women, cancer, children and sports-related questions.


Can physical therapy help my dizziness?​

Is there any way to protect against shingles?​

Do you have any tips to quit smoking?​

Should I be taking vitamin D supplements?​

​​Do exercises work for people with bladder control problems? ​

Why is high blood pressure called the “silent killer?”​

Is there a government standard for physical activity for Americans?​

I think I have a hernia. What do I need to do?

​Are flip-flops OK for my feet?

What can I do to make my face look younger?

Should I be worried about blastomycosis?​​

If I have sleep apnea, am I more at risk for a stroke?​​

Is alcohol good or bad for you?​

What is a cataract, and how do you treat it?​

I’ve just been told I have epilepsy. How do you treat it?​

Does cold weather increase the risk for a heart attack?​

If I’m having a stroke, how soon do I need to get treatment?

How much noise does it take to cause hearing loss?​

What can I do about lymphedema?

I’ve been experiencing anxiety, irritability, tremors and excessive perspiration. What might be the cause?​

Questions about cancer

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Are there new developments in radiation therapy for breast cancer?

 Questions for children

What is the best way to diagnose and treat a food allergy?​​

How do​​ I know ​​​if ​my child ​has a concussion?​​

What can I do to help my child, who is overweight?​

Should I be concerned about my child getting whooping cough?​

Can my backpack cause back pain or other problems?

​​Why does my child need so many shots?

My child has a heart murmur. Is that dangerous?​

What is scoliosis, and how do you treat it?​

Should I be concerned about high blood pressure in my child?​

Are sparklers safe to use? What about fireworks?​

Questions about sports

What causes an athlete to suddenly collapse?

I’m a pitcher and my shoulder really hurts. What are my options?​

​How can I avoid hurting my feet while hiking?​

​Questions for women

Is there a less painful way to get a hysterectomy?​

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

I’m expecting my first child. Why do I need prenatal care?

Why should I see my doctor before becoming pregnant?​

Are there new developments in radiation therapy for breast cancer?

Why should I have a bone density scan?