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The stories behind the dollars

​​​​​​​​​​In fundraising, the urgency to raise money to help people in need is real and ever-present. 

Jeff and Michelle Hamus “We are blessed to call Marshfield home and be a business neighbor in town with Marshfield Clinic. We give to make life better for all and in turn we get so much more from giving.” – Jeff and Michelle Hamus

At Marshfield Clinic, we know that for every dollar raised, there are two stories behind it: the story of who the dollar came from, and the story of who the dollar is supporting.

Each time you visit Marshfield Clinic you come face to face with the "who it's going to."  It's the mother and her three-year-old son walking into the newly remodeled Pediatrics department; it's a group of scientists in the lab chatting excitedly about the new genetics project that will help determine how an individual person will react to certain medications; and it's the physician grabbing a quick cup of coffee before heading into a continuing education conference on mental health.

With those people fixed firmly in our minds, we want to turn our attention to the story of those who make these things happen: our volunteer fundraisers and event volunteers, sponsors, and participants. 

In the Called to Action section you will find stories about volunteers going above and beyond to make an impact on the patients that walk through the Clinic's doors each day. With each mile run, each swing of a golf club, and each bid on an auction item these events are making a difference to the patient care, research, and education happening at Marshfield Clinic.

We hope that you enjoy reading these stories, and that they inspire you to make a difference in your community. We could not do what we do without the amazing people featured in these pages. 


Brooke Wolff
Special Events Coordinator
rshfield Clinic Development                     

Tiffany Halan
Donor Relations Coordinator
Marshfield Clinic Development