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Meet the People of Marshfield Clinic

Paul Writz, M.D.

​​​​Paul Writz, M.D.
Family Physician
Center: Colby/Abbotsford Center
Years at Marshfield Clinic: 28

Dr. Paul Writz knew in medical school that he wanted to be a family physician. He did not know it would be so close to home.

He practices at Marshfield Clinic's Colby/Abbotsford Center.  It feels right at home for Dr. Writz, who was born in Marshfield and moved to Abbotsford in 1970, where he went to high school. He embraces the small-town practice he shares with six other medical professionals.

"I looked around and it just seemed like a good fit," he recalled. "I wanted to be in a smaller practice and I liked the small town setting." The location has made it easy for him to embrace his passion for fishing, especially with his pedal kayak.

He started at the Abbotsford Center in 1986 with 3 staffers. He was the only doctor there. The clinic joined the Colby Center in 1992 to form a new center between the two communities.

With more providers available, Dr. Writz has focused exclusively since 2003 on seeing patients at the three area nursing homes.

"I go to them instead of the patient getting transported to the Clinic for routine and mandatory visits," he noted. "A lot of these people I know from working locally at a grocery store and cheese factory while in high school and college. I went to high school with some of their children. We have a special connection."

He has been a generous donor to Marshfield Clinic, especially for the capital campaigns for the Lawton and Laird research facilities in Marshfield.

In the past year, he received excellent care and support for his lymphoma in the Clinic.

"I feel you cannot expect people in the community to give to something worthwhile if you don't have the physicians and staff behind it," he said.

In addition to supporting Marshfield Clinic, he has been active in the community with Abbotsford Boy Scouts, Colby Lions Club and St. Mary's Parish.