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Physicians and employees continue to shine

​​​​​More than two years ago, Marshfield Clinic Development launched the Shining Star program to give grateful patients the opportunity to recognize those who make a difference in their Marshfield Clinic experience.  ​​

Shining Star  
To date, over 200 physicians, staff members and departments have been honored as Shining Stars.

Patients who choose to give through the Shining Star program make a gift to support Marshfield Clinic's mission and identify their honorees with a story about how the individual or department's work made a difference. These stories range from life-saving examples to moments where employees simply did their job in assisting a patient. 

Some of the most meaningful Shining Stars for employees being honored are those that recognize a seemingly ordinary thing. Shining Star recipients are often amazed that someone took the time to thank them by making a gift for simply doing their job. Employees in such areas as patient financial services, escort services and security have been honored in this way.

Each Shining Star story is unique and impactful. If someone has made a difference in your Marshfield Clinic experience – no matter how big or small it might seem – consider making a gift to honor them through the Shining Star program.  For more information, please contact Rikki Starich at 715-389-3530 or

Shining Stars for February 2014 to May 2014​

Ursula E. Berger

Jeffrey Binger

Dr. Efrain M. Cancel

Dr. Lawrence Carlson

Heidi A. Carpenter

Dr. Michael Claessens

Dr. Kristin M. Cutlan

Julene Diedrich

Denice M. Dowling

Dr. Daniel R. Erickson

Polly R. Evans

Tracy M. Faber

Dr. Mustafa Farooque

Brenda L. Garrigan

Dr. Rachel M. Gilbert

Dr. Vivekananda Gonugunta

Dr. Jody Gross

Dr. Frank S. Guzowski

Ann M. Hall

Dr. Kazumasa Hashimoto

Dr. George Hoehn

Dr. Matthew J. Jansen

Dr. Edward J. Krall

Dr. Patricia Lillis

Marshfield Oncology Staff

Dr. Fergus  E. McKiernan

Dr. Michael J. McManus

Dr. John Melski

Angela K. Miller

Dr. Uzoma Okorie

Sandra A. Oldham

Dr. Adedayo Onitilo

Dr. Brandon L. Parkhurst

Hayley F. Patoka

Dr. Stella F. Patten

Holly A. Pimentel

Debra P. Rakovec

Sally S. Rakovec

Dr. Douglas Reding

Dr. Katherine E. Reimer

Curt J. Riley

Tracy A. Sawyers

Kimberly K. Schilling

Danine Sell

Dr. Thomas L. Sell

Morgan D. Spencer

Rikki L. Starich

Dr. Erik Stratman

Dr. Howard J. Swanson

Dr. Shana L. Vifian Ray

Dr. Joseph Welter

Sharyl V. Wilder

Gail Zirngible​