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Athletic training services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Athletic trainers evaluate and treat the physically active patient for surgical and non-surgical orthopedic injuries. Athletic training rehabilitation can decrease pain and improv e motion, strength and function, and promote a safe return to activity. 

Individualized treatment and exercise programs are designed to meet the specific needs of patients, while   promoting musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary well-being.

Licensed athletic trainers and physical therapists work together to provide a team approach to rehabilitative care. Your physician can write a referral for physical therapy or athletic training services.

Strength and conditioning programs

A certified strength and conditioning specialist can assist your team in developing a program to maximize in-season performance, increase lean muscle mass, decrease fatigue or promote off-season conditioning and preparedness for the challenges of that sport.

Athletes need to be strong, flexible and aerobically fit to meet the demands of their sport. Being in good overall shape also will help reduce the chance of injury in the first weeks of a sport season. Encourage student athletes to begin conditioning well before the start of their sport season.

A speed and agility camp is offered for six weeks every summer.

Sport Specific Training

Athletic trainers can assist the athlete while working on sports-specific activities on the practice field at their school.

Biomechanical and video analysis

Throughout the year, athletic training and other health care providers host a variety of clinics for athletes, youth and adults, who have injuries and concerns associated with athletic activity.

Biomechanical and video analysis technology allows viewing of the athlete from two angles simultaneously, enabling athletic trainers to better analyze problems that may be occurring.

Runner's Clinic

This clinic is designed for runners in all sports who are experiencing challenges with injuries or performance especially because of biomechanical or functional problems.

The clinic includes flexibility, lower extremity alignment; foot and shoe wear analysis, and videotaped analysis of the running form and technique on a treadmill.

Thrower's Clinic

This clinic is designed for throwers and pitchers in baseball and softball who have pain or injuries from throwing. By analyzing the mechanics, risk of injury can be decreased and performance can be improved. ​