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Dental Clinic of Marshfield: Building our Community

​​​​​​Over 40 years ago, three dentists came together with a vision for a dental clinic that would not only provide quality and comprehensive dental care in Marshfield, but also help build a strong and dynamic community. 

Current officers of the Dental Clinic of Marshfield are (from left) Drs. Kevin McEwen,  president; William Horton, secretary-treasurer; and Paul Bruce, vice president. Current officers of the Dental Clinic of Marshfield are (from left) Drs. Kevin McEwen, president; William Horton, secretary-treasurer; and Paul Bruce, vice president.

Today, the Dental Clinic of Marshfield consists of 20 dentists specializing in a variety of areas such as pediatric and cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontics.  With a team of nearly 140, Dental Clinic of Marshfield is one of the largest dental clinics in the state.

Dental Clinic of Marshfield dentists do more than put their money where their mouth is; they roll up their sleeves and get actively involved. Dental Clinic of Marshfield dentists helped test and evaluate how the Marshfield Clinic electronic dental record system could be made easier to use by dentists. 

This "usability testing" consisted of asking the dentists to perform common tasks using the new system and measuring where on the screen they were looking for information and how long it took each dentist to complete the tasks.  Software designers then utilized this important data to update the Marshfield Clinic dental record system, which is one of the few electronic systems in the world that integrates both dental and medical data. 

"We're certainly open to further studies and we look to work closely with the entire medical community," says Dr. William Horton, one of the Dental Clinic of Marshfield's dentists.  For more information about this revolutionary system and how it makes an impact, please see "Integrating medical and dental records to improve care" on Page 22 in this issue.

Dental Clinic of Marshfield has also financially supported a number of important Clinic events including Golf For Research, which supports cancer research in an effort to create better treatments and better ways to diagnose a terrible disease.  They have supported the pediatrics angel fund and research in agricultural health and safety through their participation in "Duel It" Fore the Kids and Auction of Champions.

Their gifts to the Laird Center for Medical Research and the Lawton Center building campaigns have enabled Marshfield Clinic Research Institute to continue its groundbreaking medical research and become a national leader in areas such as genetics and dental related diseases. 

Another way the Dental Clinic of Marshfield supports the community is through a formal relationship with Marshfield Clinic and the Family Health Center (FHC) to provide specialized dental care to children throughout the Marshfield Clinic service area.  Because of their dentists' expertise in pediatric dentistry, more than 350 pediatric patients per year are referred from FHC to the Dental Clinic of Marshfield, and this is an example of how partnerships can make a difference in the oral health of children across Wisconsin.

"We really do care about the health of our community," said Dr. Rick Mueller, who has been with the Dental Clinic for 23 years. "The mission of the founding group was that we would take care of all people, including uninsured and underinsured patients.  We're very proud of that."

In addition to partnering with Marshfield Clinic, the Dental Clinic of Marshfield also supports and encourages their dentists and staff to provide volunteer leadership to other important community organizations and programs such as the United Way, Marshfield Area YMCA, and House of the Dove. 

Volunteering within the dental community is also a priority. For example, Dr. Mueller and Dr. Horton volunteer as president and secretary respectively with the Central Wisconsin Dental Society. Their dentists also participated in the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation's "Mission of Mercy," a volunteer effort to provide dental services to those who would otherwise go without. Last year, 225 dentists from around the state provided care for more than 2,200 patients over two days in southern Wisconsin.

The Dental Clinic of Marshfield keeps their founders' vision alive by creating a strong community. "Our founders taught us to not only provide the best dental care we can for our patients," Dr. Mueller said, " but that we should also help build our community." 

"Marshfield Clinic is grateful for the generous support of the Dental Clinic of Marshfield.  They are a valued partner supporting many programs benefiting the communities that we serve," said Teri Wilczek, Marshfield Clinic chief Development officer.