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The Legacy of Peter and Beverly Bauer

​​​​​​​Peter Bauer was a pioneer. As Marshfield Clinic's director of Information Systems until his retirement in 1999, Bauer led the effort to implement electronic health records in place of paper charts at a time when this concept was just a thought at other larger health care organizations.

Peter BauerWidespread implementation of a functional, interoperable and secure electronic health record has played a critical role in transforming Marshfield Clinic's health care system to be safer, more efficient, timely, patient-centered, equitable and effective.

"Pete was a strong and respected leader.  He surrounded himself with top-notch physicians and staff and together they accomplished great things," said Mary Schalow, Information Systems Implementation Services director, who worked with Bauer during his entire tenure at the Clinic.

John Melski, M.D., Clinical Informatics medical director, called Bauer "one of the finest people I ever had the privilege of working with at Marshfield Clinic.  He was very bright, adaptable and curious about everything around him."

Peter dedicated his career to Marshfield Clinic and through his tireless efforts ensured that the Clinic would be a leader in health care information technology. With Peter's passing, he and his wife, Beverly, demonstrated again their commitment to ensure Marshfield Clinic will stay at the forefront of health care by directing a portion of their estate to Marshfield Clinic Research Institute​.

In a letter to the Clinic from the Bauers' children, Elizabeth Bauer Burke and Bradley Bauer, they shared their appreciation for the care received by their parents and sister, Karen, who passed away in 2012. "They all received excellent care not only in terms of the latest medical capabilities, but also from compassionate employees who care about their patients on a personal level. Marshfield Clinic was very important in our parents' lives and our dad was involved in many of the Clinic's groundbreaking endeavors. He took great pride in his association with the Clinic and Research Institute​ and followed their activities even after retirement."

Peter and Beverly Bauer's estate gift will help further advance research at Marshfield Clinic, continuing Peter's involvement in the Clinic's groundbreaking endeavors for many more years to come.

If you would like to join Peter and Beverly Bauer and the others members of the Doege Legacy Society in supporting the mission of high quality health care, research and education through your estate, please contact Karen Piel, gift planning officer, at 1-800-858-5220 or visit Legacy Planning for more information.