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 Fix the pain keeping you from life’s adventures

If you are dreaming of walks on the beach, or simply eliminating the pain preventing you from your everyday tasks, you don't have to put it off any longer. Our orthopedic experts help fix the hip, shoulder or knee pain that's keeping you from life's adventures.

We get it. Joint replacement surgery is a big deal. But for people dealing with the everyday pain of advanced osteoarthritis, it can literally be a life-changer. Marshfield Clinic Orthopedics offers you the expertise and smart technologies that can put your mind as ease. 

Advanced Surgical Technologies

With advances in technology, new tools are available to orthopedic surgeons. This smart technology allow surgeons to virtually and precisely plan surgery before entering the operating room. The 3D interactive programs uses an image of the knee, hip and shoulder from a preoperative CT scan. 

Robotic-Assisted Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Marshfield Clinic Health System has both the orthopedic expertise and smart technology to provide a more precise placement and alignment of the implant, which may result in smaller incisions, quicker recovery, shorter hospitalizations and less pain.  

A new robotic tool, Mako™ offers our expert surgeons additional technology to increase precision and accuracy even beyond what was previous already offered. 

Any patient considering a total knee or hip replacement due to chronic joint pain from osteoarthritis or injuries is eligible for a replacement using the robotic-assisted surgery. Ask your orthopedic surgeon if this method is right for your condition.

Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacements

About total hip replacement

Total hip replacement video

Patient success story

Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacements

About total knee replacement

Total knee replacement video

Patient success story

​Computer-Assisted Surgery

Computer-assisted surgery allows a surgeon to use a software system to help plan procedures and control and move surgical instruments. Surgeons can use this system during some shoulder replacements and reverse replacements.

Using the technology allows surgeons to set coordinates and the GPS navigation ensures placement is precise. It is not a full robotic experience. The surgeon is placing the implant by hand, with the guide of the GPS navigation. It helps the surgeon select the strongest area and so the replacement more stable for long-term use. 

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