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How to refer your patient

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a provider, there are times you need specialty services for your patient. That’s where we want to help. 

Your patients deserve the best care, and they deserve it close to home. With more than 80 specialties, seven large clinics with specialty services available and 10 medical centers in Wisconsin, together we can provide that care. 

Click on the type of care your patient needs for referral information.  

Hospital referrals and transfers

Call us prior to patient arrival: 1-844-MC CARES (1-844-622-2737)

MC CARES, our hospital referral line, provides same day transfers and referrals to our 10 hospitals in Wisconsin including:

MC CARES provides referrals to hospital services including:

  • Intensive care units (medical, surgical, pediatric and neonatal)
  • Trauma/Emergency departments
  • Birth centers (high-acuity transfers)

When you call MC CARES, you can expect:

  • To speak with a registered nurse who can assist you in transferring your patient.
  • To get help determining the appropriate admitting specialty.
  • That we will make all admission arrangements.
  • That we will capture important information about the referring physician.
  • That we can assist with medical transportation needs.
  • That our team will make the transfer feel seamless and ensure your patients do not lose their continuity of care. 
  • To spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients.

Clinic specialty referrals

Fill out online form | Fax a form | Call us with questions: 1-877-857-3337

We have more than 170 specialties that provide services to many communities in Wisconsin.

Find a doctor | Learn more about our specialties | Find a location

Our referral team is available to arrange appointments for:

  • Consult requests.
  • Second opinion requests.
  • Establishing care with a provider.

We keep you informed

We are happy to keep you updated during the referral process. Our staff tracks referrals to completion – ensuring that you, the referring provider, can receive any notes or correspondence relating to the consult as requested. If you have any questions regarding your referral, you also can contact our team at 1-877-857-3337.

For your patients

Feel free to provide your patients with a Referral Information Card.

Our clinic referral team attempts to contact patients within 24 hours of receiving referral requests. Patients can also contact us at 1-877-857-3337.

You also may share with your patients:

Remind your patients to check with their insurance provider about coverage for visits to Marshfield Clinic Health System. Here is a list of insurance plans Marshfield Clinic Health System currently accepts.

Multidisciplinary clinic referrals

Fill out online form | Fax a form | Call us with questions: 1-877-857-3337

We have more than 40 specialty clinics that provide services to patients with specific health care needs. The complete list is below:

Pediatric Clinics:
Bardet-Biedl Syndrome
Child Advocacy
Cleft Lip & Palate
Cystic Fibrosis
• Ketogenic Diet
• Lifestyle management
• Neonatal Follow-up
Pediatric Therapy Clubhouse
Special Needs
Spina Bifida
• Survivorship Program
• Technology Dependent
• Tracheostomy and Ventilator

Adult Clinics:
Advanced Care Planning
• Anticoagulation
Bone Health and Osteoporosis
• COPD Care Management
Diabetes Care Management
• Geriatric Medicine Consult
Heart Failure Improvement
High Risk Breast Service
High Risk Pancreatic Cancer
Home Recovery Care
• Memory Disorders & Cognitive Neurology
• Metabolic support (tube feeding)
• Movement Disorders
• Multiple Sclerosis
Oncology Nurse Navigator
• Pacemaker
• Perinatal Mental Health
Weight Management
Women's Intimacy

Clinics for all ages:
Athletic Training
• Gender Dysphoria
• Pharmacy: Case management
• Sports Psychiatry
Wound Healing

Inpatient rehabilitation referrals (adult and children’s)

Adult inpatient rehab: Call us for a referral: 715-387-9692 | Fax the information: 715-387-7543 | Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Children’s inpatient rehab: Call us for a referral: 715-387-7885 | Fax the information: 715-389-4071 | Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Our rehabilitation admission liaison handles all referrals to our inpatient rehabilitation facility at Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield and Marshfield Children's Hospital.

Learn more about our inpatient rehabilitation program at Marshfield Medical Center

Learn more about our inpatient rehabilitation program at Marshfield Children's Hospital

Referring case managers should fax the below information:

  • History
  • Progress notes
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy notes

Once these materials are received, the rehabilitation admission liaison reviews this information with the rehabilitation physician to ensure the patient is appropriate for inpatient rehabilitation.  

Swing bed/transitional care referrals

Marshfield Medical Center-Ladysmith: Call us for a referral: 715-532-5561, ext. 4-1221

Marshfield Medical Center-Neillsville: Call us for a referral: 715-743-8365 | Fax us information: 715-743-8450

Our medical centers in Ladysmith and Neillsville offer a high-quality swing bed program, otherwise known as transitional care, for patients who require extended nursing care and therapy following an acute care hospital stay.

Learn more about our swing bed program in Ladysmith

Learn more about our swing bed program in Neillsville

Coordinated system of care

We provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. In our care, your patient receives a coordinated, team-based approach that delivers amongst the best in nationally-recognized outcomes and is provided in a warm, caring and compassionate setting.

After specialty care, patients return to you

Your patients have access to these highly-specialized services where they are, right here in Wisconsin. While your patients are in our care, we coordinate with you and provide regular updates on treatment plans and progress. Once they’ve completed care here, your patients will return to you for continued care.