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Cath Lab

The cath lab is an examination room with diagnostic fluoroscopic imaging equipment used to visualize the patient's anatomy and includes equipment for treating a variety of cardiovascular abnormalities.

Our Cath Lab at Marshfield Medical Center-Marshfield can care for wide-ranging patient needs such as interventional radiology, and vascular and neurovascular intervention. MMC-Marshfield has been a certified Stroke Center since 2009.

We have renewed focus on updating our cath lab. In recent years, we have added or improved services at Marshfield:

  • Started a pulmonary embolism program. This team can rapidly assess a patient who has had a blood clot that has traveled to the lung and takes measures to remove that clot.
  • Re-initiated Watchman procedure, a left atrial appendage closure device, which is an alternative for patients who are intolerant of their anticoagulation regimen such as warfarin (Coumadin) that is commonly prescribed to prevent strokes in patients suffering from atrial fibrillation.
  • Launched the CardioMEMS program, a heart failure monitoring system implanted in the pulmonary artery. Our Cath Lab team works closely with the Heart Failure Improvement Clinic team and these patients.
  • Updated electrophysiology equipment with the latest technology to assist in a wide range of treatments for arrhythmia, including ablation.