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Visit the Clinic’s new donor walls

Donor wall

This spring, Marshfield Clinic unveiled its new donor recognition system.

Located in the main lobby of the Marshfield Center, the system of walls recognizes individuals, families, foundations, corporations and community groups that have made a difference in each of the Clinic's mission areas through their unique support.donor wall

These walls not only represent a labor of love for Development, but more importantly act as permanent recognition for our greatest supporters. Together, these individuals and organizations have contributed nearly $80 million to Marshfield Clinic. They have made a huge difference in the lives of many patients and inspired others to do the same.

If these walls could talk…

If these walls could talk, they would whisper their stories of comfort. Stories of hope, sorrow, relief, and desperation; we might hear their soft prayers. If these walls could talk, we would hear stories of generosity and kindness, of the need to give back, of doctors loved, of the public good. We would hear stories of pride. Pride in family, community, education and legacy.

If these walls could hear, they would listen to story after story of amazing doctors and scientists: boldly advancing pioneering research, educating and encouraging future generations, and embracing the scores of patients that pass through these doors. 

If these walls could see, they would notice how far the reach of this organization has gone in responding to and healing those in our communities. They would reveal the reach of this Clinic's scientific and clinical expertise. Each day these walls would see our founders' legacy – the joining of patient care, education, and research – strengthened though philanthropic partnerships.

If these walls could feel, they would exude pride thinking about the fruits of our collective efforts. They would feel the legacy we've created, the innovation we've helped foster, the lives we have saved, the generations who have benefited.

If these walls could touch, they would provide comfort to patients here, now and for generations to come, and say, "You are safe because every resource available for your care, bar none, is here." They would join hands in empathy and love. They would embrace you tightly in gratitude for the part you played in building this extraordinary organization.

If these walls could talk, they would say "thank you."

Poem adapted from Patricia F. Ribakoff's poem, "If These Walls Could Talk"