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Seeking a second opinion after your diagnosis may be the right choice for you.

You may experience uncertainty after being diagnosed with cancer. Second opinions can make you feel more comfortable with the diagnosis and treatment. Cancer Care and Research at Marshfield Clinic Health System can provide you with a second opinion.

Getting a second opinion from our nationally-recognized and accredited team will give you peace of mind, but also may provide you with other treatment options to consider. 

Minimize wait times

After we have all of the information we need to provide a second opinion, we try to schedule your initial consult to be within 48 hours.

More options

We are the only program in the heart of Wisconsin that provides clinical trials. If your doctor says they cannot do anything else, we may have a clinical trial or new approach they cannot provide.

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Call us for more information

Before your second opinion appointment, we will need to get your medical records. Call us at 715-387-5416 to begin transferring your records.