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Available Cancer Screenings and Prevention

Many types of cancers have screening and prevention options available.  

Screening is the best way to catch cancer early. You should talk with your doctor about your personal risks for cancer to see which screening options make sense for you.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer screenings are routine procedures to check breast health before there are any symptoms of a problem. We offer prevention services for those that are at higher risk for developing breast cancer and mobile mammography services that can provide care close to home.

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Colon Cancer

With a colonoscopy, colon cancer can actually be prevented. Despite this, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer.

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer typically occurs in those that smoke or have smoked. Talk with your primary care provider to see if you should participate in lung cancer screening.

Skin Cancer

Your primary care provider may work with a dermatologist to help screen you for the world’s most common cancer – skin cancer. We also offer free skin cancer screenings  through our National Farm Medicine Center at events throughout the state. 

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Prostate and testicular cancer

Your primary care provider will work with you to determine if and when you should be screened for prostate or testicular cancer.

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Determining your risk for pancreatic cancer

For many years, doctors have recommended screenings for breast, colon and other types of cancer. New research suggests screening for those at high risk for pancreatic cancer also could prove beneficial. Read more

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