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Clinic staff honored with Shining Stars

​​​Patients making Shining Star gifts have the opportunity to honor an individual or all the staff at a particular Marshfield Clinic location. 

People making the gifts can also share a short message, if they choose, about how the recipient made a difference in their care or the care of a loved one.

On the facing page, a letter from Helen Roberts provides a great example of what this award program is all about.

Shining Star recipients for October 2012 through January 2013 are listed below. Congratulations to all Shining Stars and a big thank-you to the people who named them. For more information about Shining Stars, please contact Tiffany Halan at 715-387-9189 or

​Angela M. Andrew
Dr. Vijay H. Aswani

Dr. Vicky A. Baker
Dr. John "Jay" A. Bennett
Jeffrey Binger
Becky S. Birchmeier

​Dr. Scott Carpenter
Dr. Lawrence Clouse
Dr. Barbara Crapster-Pregont
Dr. William K. Cray

Dr. Louay O. Danial
Eileen M. Dasler

Dr. Rick Fossen
Mary S. Frederick

Mindy C. Gribble

Dr. Melissa L. Hessel
Dr. William G. Hocking
Amy Huhn
Debra L. Husen

Dr. Bart J. Isaacson

John W. Kelly
Susan M. Kline
Dr. Kori Krueger

Dr. Jeanette M. Le Noir
Dr. Frank A. Leon, Jr.
Sharon M. Loaney-Bergsholm

Keri Manecke
Dr. David L. Mathias
Dr. William F. Melms
Dr. Richard Mercier

Dr. John G. Nemcek

Dr. Adedayo Onitilo

Dr. Brandon L. Parkhurst
Dr. Katherine P. Patterson
Dr. Ajit V. Pillai
Kathy L. Pipkorn
Dr. Marilyn Pontone
Dr. Theodore A. Praxel
Dr. John Przybylinski

Dr. Michael J. Schaars
John J. Schaub
Dr. Mark Schlichtig
Colleen M. Shupe
Dr. Mark Slabbekoorn
Nicole Sprague
Dr. Jane M. Stark
Lois Swanson

Dr. Clarence Tam
Dr. Paul Thompson

Ellen W. Vanderboom
Dr. Alfonso L. Velasco

Dr. Matthias Weiss
Dr. Richard Wilkinson
Karen A. Willfahrt

Dr. James J. Young

Marshfield Clinic Chippewa Falls Dental Center Staff

Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Ambulatory Surgery Staff

Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Oncology Staff

PLCO Cancer Research Team