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About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Alison Bauer​ is a Maternal and Fetal Medicine specialist. She sees women with high risk pregnancies including conditions for mom or baby like high blood pressure, heart disease, lupus, cancer, growth concerns and preterm births.


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Pregnanc​​y, Fertility, B​reas​​tfee​d​in​g and Children​ Vaccine Safety​ Vaccine Effectiveness ​​

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Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine​

Interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? We ha​ve vaccine appointments and walk-in clinics available in more than 20 locations.

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Image of pregnant woman holding her belly
Pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccine: 4 questions to consider before vaccination

Pregnant women are among a group that is low risk for getting COVID-19, but are high ri​sk for having severe complications from the virus. The COVID-19 vaccine can help protect yourself against severe illness.
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