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Financial Assistance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marshfield Clinic Health System (including Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield, Marshfield Medical Center - Beaver Dam, Marshfield Medical Center - Eau Claire, Marshfield Medical Center - Ladysmith, Marshfield Medical Center - Minocqua, Marshfield Medical Center - Neillsville, Marshfield Medical Center - Park Falls, Marshfield Medical Center - Rice Lake and Marshfield Medical Center - Weston) will provide emergency and medically necessary health care services for free or at discounted rates to patients who meet certain eligibility criteria.

​​Financial Assistance Application
Formulario​ de Solicitud para Ayuda Financiera​
Daim n​tawv thov nyiaj pab​​

Financial Assistance Policy
Politica de Asistencia Financiera
Kev Pab Nyiaj Txiag Txoj Cai

Plain Language Financial Assistance Summary
Resumen de la Ayuda Financiera en Lenguaje Simple
Lus Qhia Txog Ntawm Kev Pab Nyiaj Txiag

Billing and Collection Policy Site

Who is eligible?

Any individual may apply:

  • Discounted care is available for uninsured and underinsured patients with income and excess asset values at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

  • Free care is available for patients with income and excess asset values at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

  • Assistance may be available in other circumstances depending on the size of the patient's medical bills and whether other eligibility criteria are met.

Patient Assistance Counselors will assist individuals with applications for Medicaid, the Health Insurance Exchange, and other charitable assistance program(s).

Limitation on charges

A patient qualifying for financial assistance under the Finan​cial Assistance Policy will not be charged more than the amounts generally billed for the same emergency or medically necessary services to individuals who have insurance covering such care.

Obtain free copies* of the policy, application and plain language

*Las copias de la Solicitud de Asistencia Financiera, la Política de Asistencia Financiera (incluyendo este resumen), y la facturación y Política de colección están disponibles en Inglés, español, y hmong de forma gratuita llamando al 1-800-782-8581, ext. 94475.

*Cov ntawv luam ntawm cov nyiaj txiag Assistance Daim ntawv thov, cov nyiaj txiag Assistance Txoj cai (xws li no txoj kev), thiab cov nqi thiab Collection Txoj cai no muaj nyob rau hauv lus Askiv, lus Mev, thiab lus Hmoob dawb xwb los ntawm kev hu mus rau 1-800-782-8581, ext. 94475.

How to apply

Patients seeking financial assistance may apply by completing a Financial Assistance Application and mailing or hand-delivering the application to:

Marshfield Clinic Health System
Patient Assistance Center, 3Q4
1000 North Oak Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449
Phone: 715-389-4475​

Patients can obtain free copies of the Financial Assistance policies and applications as follows:

  • Online at
  • Call the Financial Counseling Dept. at 1-800-782-8581, extension 9-4475
  • At check-in desks at any MCHS facility 

To request assistance completing the Financial Assistance application, contact:

Marshfield Clinic Health System
1000 North Oak Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449
1-800-782-8581, ext. 94475

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