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 Program Requirements and Conditions

​​Per Section 5.1 of the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) Match Participation Agreement Between Participating Institutions and the NRMP,  "

In order for an applicant to participate in the Main Residency Match, the NRMP requires that each applicant affirm that he or she meets all requirements for entry into graduate medical education as prescribed in Section IV of the ACGME Institutional Requirements, Residents. The eligibility of sponsored applicants (U.S. MD and DO senior students) to participate in the Main Residency Match is communicated directly to the NRMP by their NRMP school officials. With respect to all other applicants in the Match, it is the policy of the NRMP to contact the relevant United States or Canadian schools to verify enrollment or graduate status and to contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates ("ECFMG") concerning whether an applicant who is a student at, or a graduate of, an international medical school has passed the examinations necessary for ECFMG certification. The NRMP does not attempt to verify visa status."

In accordance with the NRMP Match Participation Agreement, we provide you access to the following four documents:

1) Benefit Program Summary

2) Sample Agreement of Appointment

3) Eligibility and Resident Selection

4) Salaries and Benefits