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Care My Way®

Available 7 a.m to 9 p.m., seven days a week


Virtual visit from a mobile device

Download the Care My Way® app


Virtual visit from a web browser

1. Test your computer for compatibility >

2. Follow instructions for each of the 5 sections as directed

Error icon If any of the 5 test result in a red X, your computer can not perform a virtual visit. Call Care My Way ® 1-844-CAREWAY (844-227-3929) to begin care.
Success icon 5 green check marks means your computer passes all compatibility tests. Visit the Care My Way ® web app to continue.

Care My Way® is flexible, convenient and quick care for common health conditions. No appointments needed resulting in less wait time to receive health care.

How Does Care My Way® Work?

Call 844-CAREWAY (844-227-3929) to connect by phone, or try a virtual visit by downloading our app. Via phone or video, Care My Way® lets you talk to one of Marshfield Clinic's trusted and experienced nurse practitioners. Once you explain your symptoms, the nurse practitioner determines whether your symptoms match a Care My Way® condition.

You can get a quick diagnosis and treatment for many uncomplicated symptoms that normally require an office visit, like sinus infections, pinkeye or poison ivy.

Care My Way® nurse practitioners can send needed prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.

When can I call? How much will it cost?

Care My Way® is available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Each session costs $40 and you can pay with any major credit card at the time of service. While prescriptions or lab tests will be additional costs, a Care My Way® visit always costs you just $40, no hidden fees.

Payment is collected at time of service. (Major credit cards accepted).

Due to Medicare and Medicaid regulations, beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid are not eligible for this service unless contracted through their health plan.

Note: Care My Way® is only available to people located in in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota at the time of call.

Conditions treated with Care My Way®

Condition Name Care Group (specific age ranges)

Athlete's Foot

Adults & children (age 10 years and older)

Canker sores (mouth ulcers)

Adults & children (age 5 years and older)

Cold sores

Adults & children (age 12 years and older)


Adults & children (2-50 years of age)

Diaper rash

Infants & children


Infants & children

Head lice

Adults & children (age 6 months and older)

Heartburn (GERD)


Impetigo in children not involved in contact sports

Children (2-18 years of age)

Flu (Influenza)

Adults & children (age 12 months and older)

Jock itch

Adults & children (age 12 years and older)

Lyme disease preventive treatment

Adults & children (age 8 years and older)


Adult females (age 18 years and older)

Mild thermal burns

Adults & children (age 2 years and older)

Pertussis (Whooping cough) exposure

Adults & children (age 6 months and older)

Pink eye (bacterial conjuctivitis)

Adults & children (age 1 month and older)


Adults & children (age 1 year and older)

Poison ivy rash

Adults & children (age 12 years and older)

Scabies exposure

Adults & children (age 2 years and older)

Seasonal allergies 
(allergic rhinitis-conjunctivitis)

Adults & children  (age 2 years and older)

Sinus infection (bacterial sinusitis)

Adults & children (age 12 years and older)

Strep Throat
(lab required at Marshfield Clinic facility)

Adults & children (age 4 years and older)


Adults & children (age 5 years and older)


Adults & children (age 2 years and older)

Swimmer's Ear

Adults & children (age 8 years and older)


Infants (age 12 months and younger)

Upper respiratory infection

Adults & children (age 12 years and older)

Urinary tract infection (lab work may be required)

Adult females (age 15 years and older)
*not pregnant

Vaginal yeast infection

Adult females (age 18 years and older)