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Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (HEDI)

Our goal is to foster an environment of absolute inclusivity.

Our commitment

At Marshfield Clinic Health System, we are fully committed to addressing health equity, diversity and inclusion for our employees and providers, our patients, and the communities we serve.

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to attain their highest level of health. We embrace diversity and welcome differences in who we are and how we think. We believe that any individual or group should feel welcomed, respected and valued.

Marshfield Clinic Health System is committed to improving the overall health and well-being of our employees, patients, business partners, and communities we serve by strategically focusing on health equity.

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“I made a commitment to engage in health equity, diversity and inclusion work on a personal and professional level because these are principles that are important to me as a mom and grandmother. I want my grandchildren to live in a kinder more inclusive world than what I have experienced.”
Sarah Mutschlecner, F.N.P.

Our approach

Our Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity leaders have identified five key strategies that will shape and drive our efforts.

We will use data to promote social change and improve care.​

We will assure that our staff and providers are trained and embrace cultural competency.

We will strive for a diverse and inclusive workforce, including leadership and governing entities.

We will partner with our communities to improve health equity and address disparities.

We are committed to an organizational culture that is diverse and inclusive to all. ​​​​


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“We have always valued diversity and are an inclusive organization. We owe it to our patients, our employees, our families and our communities to be the beacon that continually strives to ensure everyone has a voice and have access to the same opportunities to grow, contribute and develop regardless of their identity, both in and outside our facilities.”
Narayana Murali, M.D.

Our progress

1. We signed the American Hospital Association’s Health Equity Pledge, making us one of four health care systems in Wisconsin to commit to eliminate health care disparities in our state. ​

2. We are developing an Ambassador program and Business Resource Groups to promote equity and inclusion in the workplace.  ​

3. We have formed a partnership with the Cross Cultural Health Care Program for cultural competency consulting and training.

4. We have formed a partnership with NOWPOW​ to address social determinants of health of our patients by working with community-based organizations throughout our service area. ​

5. We serve on the Governor's Health Equity Council​ and other State and National collaboratives to address equity. ​

6. We collaborate with public health and community based organizations across our service area to address health disparities. ​

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“Health equity, diversity, and inclusivity are important concepts both philosophically and tangibly in the care we provide to our patients, how we interact with one another in the workplace, and within our communities. These concepts are foundational to helping us achieve our organizational mission to create healthy communities through accessible, affordable, and compassionate health care.”
Chad Craig, M.D.

Contact Us

Our Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity staff welcomes questions or comments. Contact us via email by clicking the button below.

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