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Delivering primary care services to your worksite.

Mobile primary care from Marshfield Clinic Health System lets you offer employees professional primary health care services where it is convenient — at your workplace, with less disruption to the workday.

This unit is a Marshfield Clinic private exam room and lab station on wheels, containing all the tools to conduct primary care appointments anywhere they’re needed. The mobile primary care unit is staffed by a Marshfield Clinic nurse practitioner.

Primary care involves treatment for common illnesses, management of long term illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease and prevention of future illness through advice, immunization and screening programs.

Primary care appointments offer early detection and regular follow up, which contributes to:​

  • preservation and improvement of employees' health.
  • lower health care costs.
  • fewer employee sick days and time off work.
  • increased productivity for your business.

Primary care info for employees​

Simple scheduling

Prior to the unit’s arrival, employees will be able to call our appointment coordinators to schedule their appointments for the dates you choose to bring the unit on site. The coordinators will answer questions regarding the upcoming service and receipt of their appointment results. Our process is uncomplicated, and we eliminate the need to involve your staff in any of the scheduling requirements.

Contact us today

Contact Business Health Solutions at 1-800-498-5514 for more information and to schedule the mobile primary care unit to visit your location.​

Schedule Mobile Unit

​To schedule a mobile primary care unit for your business, call 1-800-498-5514​.​

Schedule Appointment

​If your employer has scheduled the mobile primary care unit to come to your work site, ​call 1-800-856-6096​ to schedule your appointment for that date.​​​​​​​

What People Are Saying

“I had my physical with the Mobile Unit today and was 100% a positive experience! The staff was very friendly and helpful. I choose this over traditional clinics visits anytime. I would highly recommend this to all employees. I certainly hope this continues to be available to us!”

– Julie Hoffman, Purchasing Specialist, Menzner Hardwoods Co. ​